Model Engine Collectors Association

Constitution, Revised May 2007
The name of this organization shall be The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc. (MECA).
The principal office for transaction of business of the Association is located at the address of the current Coordinator/President.
The Board of Directors has full power to change the location of the principal office of the Association from one location to another as set forth in the By-Laws.
To promote the interests of model engine collecting as a recreational, educational and historical recording activity.
To provide information, assistance and services to the Association's members as an aid in gaining full benefit and enjoyment from active membership.
To issue through publications to its members information regarding current activities within the Association and other activities that may be beneficial to the membership. To issue to its members a periodic listing of wanted and available items associated with the hobby and within the membership.
To avail periodic Regional meetings to members and interested parties as a promotional function of fellowship, knowledge and relaxation.
To set forth governing rules as a basic "Code of Ethics" for all sales, trades and transactions relating to the hobby involving the Association's members.
The Association shall be a non-profit, non-stock corporation organized and existing pursuant to the laws of the State of Wisconsin, USA.
Neither the name or the activities of this Association shall be associated with any outside organization or partisan activity not in the best interest of model engine collecting and/or the Association's members.
The function of this Association shall be directed exclusively to plans and projects promoting the best interests of the Association and its members.
The Association's members shall conduct their model engine collecting activities with high moral standards and in a manner not to discredit themselves, their fellow collectors and/or the Association's interests of fellow Association members and shall be protected to the degree that those interests in conjunction with model engine collecting are honest, fair and are in harmony with the ideals of this Association.
Membership in this Association is open to all individuals interested in model engine collecting and whose ideals are compatible with those of the Association.
There will be four types of membership, namely: General Member, Special Member, Honorary Member and Lifetime Member. All members must submit a completed membership application form. Such form shall be prescribed by the officers of the Association and shall include the statement "I have read and agree to uphold and practice The Model Engine Collectors Association's Constitution and By-Laws".
General Members are entitled to all privileges of membership provided they are in good standing with the Association. They shall receive periodical and special publications of the Association, voting rights, and any additional benefits that are offered by the Association. The term "good Standing" refers to members whose dues are current and without suspension action in process.
A Special Member is a member of the immediate family of a deceased Association member who has requested that he be allowed to use the deceased's Membership Number to conduct business through the Association Swap Sheet. This persons Membership number shall be as that of the deceased but with an "S" suffix added. Special Membership status may be maintained by payment of annual dues.
An Honorary Member is defined as any individual that may be elected by the Association's membership or appointed by the Coordinator/President and/or by the Board of Directors to receive the grant. He shall not be entitled to hold any office in the Association, nor have any voting privileges, but shall be entitled to attend all meetings, receive all publications and to enjoy all other privileges of the Association. An "H" suffix shall be added to the membership number of a person receiving this award. Previous membership in this Association is not required for this award.
A Lifetime Membership is awarded to the Coordinator/President at the successful completion of his term of office. Lifetime Membership status may also be awarded to a General Member who has or performed outstanding services to the Association. Recipients may be selected by the Coordinator/President and/or by the Board of Directors. An "L" suffix shall be added to the membership number of persons receiving this award. They shall have the same rights and privileges as are granted a General Member.
Determination of annual dues for General and Special members shall be made by the Board of Directors at the annual business meeting of the Association.
Any member in good standing for a period of at least one year and who has passed his or her eighteenth birthday is eligible to hold office in the Association, subject to the conditions of proper nomination.
Officers shall consist of the Coordinator/President, Swap Sheet Editor/ Vice President, Bulletin Editor/Vice President, Race Car Editor/Vice President, Historian/Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall serve a period of two years or until their successors are elected and installed, and shall be selected from the membership as so specified in the By-Laws.
A general election shall be held once every two years. This election will be for all offices of the Association. Special elections such as installation of a Regional Director or any of the higher offices due to resignation, expulsion or death shall be held as provided in the By-Laws.
Nominations for all officers may be presented to the Secretary by members in good standing as provided in the By-Laws. Nominations may be made by submitting the nominee by letter. All nominees shall have consented to run for office in writing prior to this nomination. Nominations may also be made from the floor at any regular Regional or Annual Association meeting provided that the nominee is present. No officer shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms unless there are no other candidates for the office.
Election shall be by secret ballot during the election period specified in the By-Laws. Election of the Regional Directors shall be based upon a majority of votes cast within the region for which the Director is being chosen.
Newly elected officers shall take office within 30 days after being elected. The election shall be conducted by the 30th day of June of the election year.
In the event of an extended vacancy in any Region due to the death or expulsion of a Regional Director, the Coordinator/President shall have the authority to appoint a successor.
The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be composed of all current officers, the immediate past Coordinator/President and the current Regional Directors.
Members of the Board of Directors shall take office within 30 days following their election. They shall hold office on the Board for a period of two years. A member of the Board of Directors has the option to resign his post if he so chooses. Each member of the board shall accept responsibility for one or more specific duties of the Association as he may agree to perform.
Vacancies on the Board of Directors occurring before the expiration of a normal term of office shall be filled by an Association member appointed by the Board of Directors for the remainder of the term.
Except as herein otherwise provided, the Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Association, control all offices and committees and discharge all corporate responsibilities of the Association. Decisions of the Board shall be recorded in writing and regularly reported to the Associations membership.
The Association shall hold at least one regular general business meeting of members during each year. The meeting shall be held in conjunction with and at the time of a designated meeting or "Collecto" as established by the Board of Directors.
Five members of the Board of Directors and a minimum of fifteen Association members shall constitute a quorum necessary to conduct business.
Roberts Rules of Order shall determine the order of business for all general membership business meetings and all other Association meetings.
Special meetings not in conflict with the annual business meeting may be called by the Coordinator/President or any three members of the Board of Directors with the express consent of the Coordinator/President. Special meetings may be held by correspondence, teleconferencing including E-Mail, but each Board member participating must have proper notification prior to any planned action. Members of the Board participating in any special meeting shall announce the results to the membership.
There may be periodic Regional meetings open to all members of this Association. The general public may also be allowed to attend. The purpose of these meetings will be to provide opportunity to display, buy, sell and trade model engine related items. The name for these meetings shall be "Collecto". These meetings shall be considered to be general business and/or social meetings, plans and policies existing within the Region may be discussed. If there is any business conducted, minutes shall be taken and forwarded to the Secretary and the Coordinator/President. Any member may hold a Collecto but only with the express approval of the Regional Director. The Regional Director shall approve the time, date, and location of each Collecto and shall forward this information to the Swap Sheet editor for publication. Members shall be notified of each Collecto through direct mail or in one or more of the Associations publications.
Any person by applying for membership thereby accepts the principals of The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc. as expressed in its purpose and submits himself to and agrees to comply with and be bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, and on these conditions alone is entitled to the privileges of the Association. No member shall be absolved from the observance of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Article IX BY-LAWS
This Association shall adopt By-Laws not inconsistent with the Constitution embodying additional provisions for the government of this Association. Such By-Laws may be amended as therein provided.
The Board of Directors shall serve as a standing committee to formulate and propose By-Laws governing Association activities. Proposals shall be enacted by the affirmative vote of the majority of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting, or by Mail, E-Mail or Telephone.
This Constitution and any supplements or attachments, may be altered, amended, deleted or replaced by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board of Directors, and subsequently by simple majority of votes cast by the members.
Proposed amendments submitted to the members must allow a minimum of 30 days from the date of mailing for response and such deadline for legal consideration must be stated on the ballot.
Proposed amendments may be submitted to the members no more than one time in a calendar quarter and no more than two times in any calendar year.
An affirmative vote of the Board constitutes appointment of a special committee to submit necessary Constitution and By-Laws revisions and appropriation of funds. Selection of the special committee members shall be made by the Coordinator/President.
By-Laws, Revised May 2007
The words and phrases in the Constitution and these By-Laws shall be interpreted according to their accepted dictionary definitions as hereinafter specified.
Association - The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc., a non-profit incorporated Association.
Board - The Board of Directors of the Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc.
He - May mean she as appropriate.
May - Discretionary, at will.??MECA - The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc.
Principal Office - The main office and location of the chief officer of MECA.
Regions - The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc. as subdivided.
Region Percentage Standing - Percentage of total active membership of within geographical Regional boundaries.
Shall - Must, mandatory.
The location of the principal office of business may be changed from one location to another by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting or by mail, E-Mail or Telephone. However the Association will at all times maintain a registered agent within the State of Wisconsin for purposes of incorporation.
Article III DUES and FEES
The annual dues for each General Member are due on the anniversary date of becoming a member. If not paid by this date the member shall forfeit all privileges as of that date.
The annual dues for General and Special Members will be set forth by the Board of Directors at the annual membership meeting each year.
The Coordinator/President and the Board of Directors have full power to set Dues and Fees.
Officers and Regional Directors of the Association shall be exempt from paying dues while in office.
The Coordinator/President, at the conclusion of a complete term in office, shall receive a Lifetime membership. A Coordinator/President resigning his post prior to the two-year term, waives the right to a Lifetime Membership grant. Past Coordinators/Presidents shall retain their Lifetime Memberships.
The Treasurer of the Association shall be authorized to receive and apply to the Association's general funds all contributions or specially obtained funds from any individual or institution.
Any member in good standing is eligible for nomination or may nominate another member for any of the Association offices subject to Article V, Section 5.1 of the Constitution and the subsequent sections of this By-law article.
The Secretary shall be the Election Chairman, or he may appoint a member of the Association as the election chairman. He shall be responsible for the election in its entirety. He shall receive the nominations, distribute, receive and tally the ballots and announce the elected officers to the membership.
Regional Director - A candidate may be placed on the election Ballot by receipt of written nomination within the specific dates as set down by the Election Chairman. A written consent of the nominee shall accompany the nomination.
A nomination for Regional Director shall be made only by members residing within the same Region as the nominee. Members may vote for a Regional Director only within the Region they reside. A Regional Director, if he is present may be selected at any Regional meeting by a floor nomination and an affirmative vote in excess of fifty (50) per cent of the members from that region who are present.
Coordinator/President, Swap Sheet Editor/Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer may with a written consent be nominated by any member in good standing. Any member in good standing may nominate himself or any other member by writing to any one of the Board members. Verbal nomination shall not be accepted except from the floor at a general or special meeting.
General Elections - The Election Chairman shall announce each election by placing a notice in the last Swap Sheet/Bulletin issued in the year prior to the subject election. Candidates will have 30 days from the date of this publication to submit notice of their candidacy to the election chairman. Incumbents must submit notice of their intent to run for re-election. The Election Chairman will prepare dated ballots or publication in the second Swap Sheet/Bulletin issued in the election year. No election will be held if the incumbent is unopposed.
Special Elections - The Coordinator/President may call for special elections as required for installation of an Officer or Regional Director due to a vacancy caused by resignation, expulsion or death of the incumbent.
Coordinator/President - This officer shall be the chief executive of this Association, and shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors. It will be the responsibility of this officer to formulate the Association's operating plan for the upcoming year for presentation to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. He shall maintain direct contact with each Regional Director to advise and assist in the fulfillment of the Association policies and projects. He shall have the power to create special programs and projects.
Swap Sheet Editor/Vice President - This officer shall assist the Coordinator/President in his duties and shall preside at regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors when the Coordinator/President is unable to attend. The Coordinator/President may assign to him specific tasks to better the Associations' policies and programs. He shall publish the Association's Swap Sheet a minimum of six times yearly. Specific reference is made to article XIII of these By-Laws as to concerns and duties associated with the Swap Sheet. The Swap Sheet editor shall also correlate his duties with those of the Bulletin and Race car editors. These officers must work together to produce the best publication possible for the members of this Association.
Secretary - The Secretary shall attend each meeting of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for accurately recording the minutes of this and any special or Regional meetings when applicable to the Associations function. He shall be responsible for keeping a current recording of the Association's membership rolls and will make it available to the Coordinator/President and board of Directors upon request. In the event the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting, it shall be his responsibility to appoint a competent alternate to record the minutes of the meeting. Minutes of the General membership meeting shall be published in the Association Bulletin. The Secretary shall also act as the Election Chairman of this Association.
Treasurer - The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds and shall maintain such funds and make payments as are authorized by the Association. He shall keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures, and shall submit an annual financial report to the Board of Directors. He shall provide a current record of funds to the Coordinator/President on a monthly basis. He shall provide records or funds for Internal Revenue Service purposes, and shall be responsible for the preparation of all necessary tax returns and/or reports. He shall attend each meeting of the Board of Directors and in the event he is unable to attend appoint a competent alternate to deliver financial reports.
In the event the of demise or incapacitation of the Treasurer, the Coordinator/President shall have the power to receive or make payments as are authorized by the Association until such time as a new Treasurer assumes these duties.
Bulletin Editor/Vice President - This Editor shall be responsible for publishing the Bulletin section of the Association's bi-monthly publication. This should include Regional reports, Board of Directors actions, notices, general information and news items related to the Association. This publication is the exclusive "sounding board" for members' opinions and comments. Each issue should contain the names, addresses and information pertaining to new members. This officer is also responsible for correlating space and content of the Race Car Section, and may add additional sections as deemed beneficial to the membership. He shall work closely with the Swap Sheet editor in producing the best publication possible.
Race Car Editor/Vice President - This Editor shall be responsible for obtaining and submitting Race Car related material to the Bulletin Editor/Vice President for publication in the Bulletin in a timely manner.
Historian/Vice President - The Historian shall maintain in good condition a record of all members of Association past and present. Copies of all Association publications from the first issues to the present, a list of all books, articles and other publications pertinent to model engines that have been made available to the Association or are contained in it's archives. Upon request from a member in good standing make available historic information in support of research or other work furthering Association objectives.
Regional Directors - Must permanently reside within the Region they represent. They shall promote the interest of model engine collecting and oversee all Association activities within their respective Regions. They shall coordinate "collectos" and if possible attend all that take place within their Region. Upon receipt of a complaint against any member in their Region, the Director shall promptly investigate the problem. If unable to bring the complaint to a satisfactory conclusion, a full report should be forwarded to the Coordinator/President. A Regional Director is expected to attend the annual Board of Directors meeting and if unable to attend find an alternate member to attend in his place. Regional Directors will work diligently to increase membership within their region including frequent contact with members and to respond to any correspondence from any Association member or Officer. Regional Directors shall prepare and submit to the Coordinator/President a quarterly activity report.
Period - Membership shall continue during the existence of the Association unless terminated as herewith provided.
Termination or Suspension - Any General or Special Member failing to pay his dues in the prescribed time as stated in the By-Laws shall become delinquent and his membership suspended. Suspended or delinquent members shall forfeit all benefits of the Association during suspension, including all Association publications. This includes the use of any services or attendance at any member only functions. Suspended members may be reinstated by payment of dues.
Termination or Suspension for Other Causes - The membership of any Member may be terminated by a special committee established by the Coordinator/President for a reason that is detrimental to other members and/or the ideals of the Association. Any said action shall be kept confidential until it can be determined if the member has violated any part of the Constitution or By-Laws. No action or suspension for violation shall be concluded until the accused has had the opportunity to offer his defense against such action.
Resignation - The resignation of any member from this Association shall be made in writing and shall be presented to the Coordinator/President or to the Secretary and accepted by the Board of Directors.
Membership ID Numbers - Membership numbers will not be re-issued because of the demise of a member. Instead, the number will remain on the membership listing as a memorial to the deceased member. In event the member to whom a number has been assigned has been expelled and permanently barred from membership in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws this number will not be re-issued, but remain on the membership list so indicated. An "H" (Honorary), "L" (Lifetime) or "S" (Special) suffix shall be added to the Membership Number of persons who possess these categories of membership.
The Coordinator/President shall have the power to appoint from among the Board of Directors or from Association members, a group of a minimum of three persons to constitute a Disciplinary Committee, whose purpose shall be to control membership infractions by taking disciplinary or punitive action against such members. The Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to advise penalties or to expel members from this Association in part or whole.
All members are subject to the authority of the Disciplinary Committee. Association officers are subject to review and action by this committee, but may only be removed from the Board of Directors by a two-thirds affirmative vote by the Board at any regular or special meeting.
Initiating Action - Complaints against members of the Association shall be placed in writing and shall be signed and dated by the complainant, who must be a member in good standing. Complaints may include but not be limited to fraudulent conduct, gross misconduct or misdealing. The complaint shall be mailed to the Coordinator/President who shall investigate or delegate a Regional Director the responsibility to investigate said complaint, for the purpose of determining if the allegations therein are true and if the matter should require Disciplinary Committee action. It shall be the Investigator's responsibility to attempt to settle any complaint or dispute. If further action is necessary the Coordinator/President shall appoint a Disciplinary Committee and refer the matter as a "Case", withholding names and asking for a judgment. The member being charged with an infraction shall have the right to be heard and shall present his defense in writing, signed and dated to the Coordinator/President. Within 60 days all actions shall have been completed and the charged notified of any actions. In event the member charged with the infraction is expelled from the Association, his Association Membership Number shall be published in the Associations publication. Once the complaint has reached the state of a Disciplinary Committee, action shall be completed and the results are final. Failure of a member being charged with an infraction to respond to the charges or offer defense shall be considered acceptance of the action of the Disciplinary Committee.
Any member expelled from the Association shall be forever barred from membership.
The Model Engine Collectors Association, Inc. shall be subdivided geographically into regions having boundaries which are determined by the needs of the Association as indicated on Appendix "C".
The Association's fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
The Coordinator/President, Regional Directors and Members (subject to Constitution, Article VII Section 7.5 shall have the power to levy special fees for those attending Association functions requiring financial support. Fees may be used to cover any expense directly associated with the function. The Coordinator/President and Regional Directors shall also have the power to conduct special fund raising projects to compensate any Association function expense.
Records - All fees and funds collected to finance Association functions and expenses incurred shall be recorded. Any funds remaining over the expense of the function may be retained by Regional Directors in escrow to be used for succeeding functions. Funds in escrow at the close of a Regional Directors term of office shall be reported to the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall deposit all funds and fees collected over the expense of an Association function directly to the Association's general funds.
The official newsletter of the Association shall be named the "Bulletin". The Bulletin shall be combined with the Swap Sheet and published on a bi-monthly schedule.
The Association's publication for listing wanted and available items related to our hobby for sale and/or trade within the Association shall be named the "Swap Sheet". Items relating to members opinions and comments regarding general Association matters shall be restricted to the Bulletin. The Swap Sheet's use shall be restricted to members in good standing within the Association and listings of a non-commercial nature. However, commercial listings that are considered beneficial to Association members by the Swap Sheet Editor may be noted in the publication. Those members using the Swap Sheet to offer and/or to conduct transactions between other Association members shall be governed by the rules previously set forth in the Constitution and these By-Laws.
The Swap Sheet editor shall have the power to set forth special rules to facilitate publication. He shall be restricted from personal interests in submitted ads prior to their release in the Swap Sheet, and shall be expected to conduct publication with the high ideals of the Association in mind. He shall publish the Swap Sheet a minimum of six times a year unless extreme conditions otherwise prohibit it.
The following rules shall apply to those members using the Swap Sheet to obtain and/or dispose of items related to our hobby.
Ads shall reach the Swap Sheet Editor within the dates set forth in the last Swap Sheet published. Ads not reaching the Swap Sheet Editor within the dates set forth shall be deferred to the next Swap Sheet. No mandate shall exist requiring the Swap Sheet Editor to notify the submitter that his ad submission has been deferred.
Ads shall be Typed or neatly printed on the advertising form found in the Swap Sheet. Ads in any other form may be published at the editor's discretion.
Any other correspondence shall be submitted on a separate sheet if it is included with an ad.
Ads shall be brief and as many of the abbreviations listed in Appendix "A" and "B" used where applicable.
Ads must be grouped, such as "Engines for Sale"," Engines for Trade"," Engines Wanted" "Parts Wanted" etc. If an item is for sale, the asking price must be stated. "Best offer" is not allowed.
Additional moneys for postage if required shall be stated. Otherwise it shall be assumed that the item shall be shipped postage paid.
All replies to an ad shall be answered whether or not the item is still available. Failure to comply with this rule may result in restriction from Swap Sheet use.
The Association's 15 Day Rule shall apply to all transactions involving the Swap Sheet unless otherwise stated between members in writing. Item classification shall be stated in ads and shall adhere to the standards as set forth in Appendix "A".
Ads for other than the purpose of obtaining and/or disposing of items related to our hobby may be published at the discretion of the Swap Sheet Editor.
Article XIV 15 DAY RULE
The purpose of the "15 Day Rule" is to provide control or establish a period of time to conclude an agreement and/or transaction between Association members and to guarantee the stated condition and classification of items offered in such transactions. For the purpose of this rule, any sale, swap, trade or exchange of any engine, part, or accessory of any nature shall be called a transaction and shall be subject to the "15 Day Rule". The "Seller" is the individual offering an item in a transaction and the "Buyer" is the individual to whom such an item is offered. The rules stated herein shall be accepted as basic for all transactions.
The Seller specifically warrants that any item is as orally stated or as represented in writing as to make, model, authenticity of all parts and as to the condition stated and shall, if applicable state that certain components have been replaced with authentic or reproduction parts. No buyer shall have more than 15 days to rescind any transaction unless specifically extended by the seller in writing.
The seller shall be bound by any oral or written representation made to the buyer in any transaction for a period of 15 days. The buyer shall have the right to rescind any transaction within 15 days after receipt of an item if he is dissatisfied or in his opinion the offered item has been misrepresented. The seller shall not be obligated to return postage or shipping costs on a rescinded transaction unless there is proof of deliberate misrepresentation.
Face to face transactions shall not be covered by this rule and sales made in this fashion are final unless previous other arrangements have been agreed upon by the buyer and seller.
The purpose of the appendix pages is to give further clarification of the Constitution and By-Laws. These pages may be revised as needed by a simple majority approval by the board of Directors. The Coordinator/President has the power to appoint special Coordinator/President committees to study and make recommendations as necessary for this purpose.
New In Box (NIB)
Unused and in the original factory supplied carton, complete with all accessories as supplied by the factory which may include coil, condenser, lead wire, wrench, instructions and parts lists and matching serial number on box.
New (N)
Unused and complete with all parts as originally sold by the manufacturer. No marks on mounting lugs.
Like New (LN)
Run a few times, slight marks on the mounting lugs, otherwise as new.
Excellent (EXC)
Run a few times, slight marks on the mounting lugs, slight discoloration of cylinder, cylinder head or other parts due to heat. Very slight scratches on the engine, good compression. Light wear on bearing surfaces.
Very Good (VG)
As excellent, but used more with very good compression, slightly enlarged mounting lug holes, one or two deep scratches, or moderately discolored spots, small chipped or bent cylinder fins, bearing surfaces discernibly worn.
Good (G)
As very good, but compression and bearing surface wear sufficient to warrant this rating. This rating considered the minimum internal condition necessary for use as a runner type engine.
Fair (F)
Compression sufficient to run, but with reduced power output. Bearing surfaces well worn one or more missing or badly chipped, bent, scratched or repaired parts. One or more open mounting lugs. Unacceptable as a display engine, but possibly capable of a G or VG rating if overhauled and or replacement parts added.
Parts (P)
A parts engine. Worn out, poor compression, broken or missing parts, surfaces badly scarred. Will not run in present condition. Not suitable for use or display.
Cosmetic (C)
Engine should not be run due to weakened or deteriorated parts but cosmetically able to be classified at a higher rating.
A/C Aircraft EXC Excellent MAR Marine Scr. Screw
BB Ball Bearing Exh. Exhaust Msg. Missing SE Side Exhaust
BP Back Plate F Fair NIB New In Box SP Side Port
Brg. Bearing FP Fixed Point NV Needle Valve Spr. Spring
Bt. Boat FE Front Exhaust NVA Needle Valve Assembly Tmr. Timer
C Cosmetic FR Front Rotor Hd. Cylinder Head TA Timer Arm
CC Crankcase Frt. Front P Parts Engine VG Very Good
Compr. Compression G Good Pis. Piston WP Wrist Pin
C'sft. Crankshaft GT Gas Tank PN Prop Nut X Incorrect
Cyl. Cylinder Hsg. Housing PW Prop Washer    
Cvr. Cover Int. Intake RE Rear Exhaust    
DW Drive Washer LN Like New RI Rear Intake    
Eng Engine Pt. Moving Point RR Rear Rotary    
Region 1 -
Southern California (CA) (ZIP 90xxx to 92xxx), Arizona (AZ)
Region 2 -
Northern California (CA) (ZIP 93xxx to 96xxx), Hawaii (HI), Nevada (NV)
Region 3 -
Alaska (AK), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA), Idaho (ID), Montana (MT)
Region 4 -
Colorado (CO), Utah (UT), Wyoming (WY), Nebraska (NE)
Region 5 -
Illinois (IL), Wisconsin (WI), Iowa (IA), Minnesota (MN), North Dakota (ND),South Dakota (SD)
Region 6 -
Kansas (KS), Oklahoma (OK), Missouri (MO), Arkansas (AR)
Region 7 -
Texas (TX), New Mexico (NM), Louisiana (LA)
Region 8 -
Georgia (GA), Alabama (AL), Mississippi (MS), Florida (FL), Tennessee (TN), Puerto Rico (PR), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina(SC)
Region 9 -
Michigan (MI), Indiana (IN), Ohio (OH), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV)
Region 10 -
New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), Vermont (VT), Rhode Island (RI), Connecticut (CT) New Hampshire (NH), Maine (ME)
Region 11 -
Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), New Jersey, (NJ), Delaware (DE)District of Columbia (DC)
Region 12 -
Region 13 -
United Kingdom
Region 14 -
All of Asia, All of Africa
Region 15 -
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
Region 16 -
Continental Europe
Region 17 -
Mexico, Central America, South America
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