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Welcome to any new visitors to our site. Be sure to check out the prior edition of our swap sheet and the Collectos Tab to see news of up-coming swap meets.

New Additions for July 2021

The MECA Constitution is now available on the Constitution Tab. The link to a downloadable format is in the introduction, and the whole of the text is viewable below. A new Application is also available on the Join Tab. To download a copy, click on the form dispalyed at the bottom of the page.

A Message from the President

I am pleased to announce that Rich Kacmarsky has volunteered to continue serving as our esteemed MECA Bulletin editor on a regular basis. Rich has already done an outstanding job as our Bulletin temporary editor, and Swap Sheet regular editor. We can now look forward his continued creativity on a regular basis. Our thanks to Rich for stepping-up to this important duty!

MECA Has a New President

Our President, Bill Mohrbacher, retired for medical reasons. MECA now has a new President, David Zwolak. Please send all communication to him at: A brief biography of the new president follows.

David’s fascination for aviation in general, and miniature (i.e., ”model’) aircraft in particular, began as a rather young boy. In a progression familiar to many MECA members, David started building rubber power Comet and Guillow’s airplane kits. As David’s skills and finances advanced, he ”graduated’ to control-line models powered by glow engines. He first flew with Cox .049s, then an Enya 15-III, and finally a few McCoy 35 Redheads. Heady stuff indeed to a young boy!

David recalls the day in 1978 when he first heard the siren song of model engine collecting. This happened, innocently enough, when he purchased the first model engine that he did not really need at the time. The engine was a Super Tigre G15/19, which is still in his collection. Even better yet, David purchased the Super Tigre from the legendary Lew McFarland (designer of the famous Shark 45 and other C/L models) at the hobby shop Lew owned and operated in Kentucky. It was a special way for a lifelong interest in miniature engines to start.

David’s interest currently covers all forms of miniature engines (e.g., glow, ignition, and diesel), and also full-scale motive power. In fact, David credits his beginnings as a miniature aircraft builder with fostering an interest in science, technology, and engineering. In retrospect, this early interest laid the foundation for his successful career in the sciences.

David believes that MECA offers a unique and valuable service to its members. On one level, the organization provides an avenue to buy and sell miniature engines, cars, boats, kits and related things through the Swap Sheet and Collectos. However, over the years, David has grown to realize that MECA more significantly provides an unsurpassed opportunity to meet and learn from other members with like interests. In some ways, this opportunity to build friendships and expand knowledge is the prime benefit of belonging to MECA.

David encourages all members to actively engage with making MECA a vibrant and growing organization. Establish contacts and make friends. Attend Collectos not just for the buying/selling, but also for the personal contact such gatherings provide. Promote MECA to other miniature aircraft builders. Research engine related topics and gain insights. Contribute articles, no matter how brief, to the MECA bulletin for the benefit of all members. A truism that many of us have learned in life is that the higher one÷s level of involvement, the greater the personal enjoyment and benefit derived. Enjoy MECA - and work to make it an even better organization!

Internet Membership

Our Internet membership is growing every month. It saves US members $20 per year and foreign members $40 a year! The Internet Membership is open to anyone in any country. The member will have all the rights and privileges of a regular member, but will receive NO PAPER SWAP SHEET OR BULLETIN. The Internet membership costs only $20 per year. This is a very good deal for those who use online services. The Bulletin is posted on our web page concurrent with delivery of the mailed version. You can print out the web version if you like to keep a paper copy.

Articles of Interest to Engine Enthusiasts

In the following articles each page links to the entire article in PDF format; simply click anywhere on them to access the article.

The following article on FROG engines is previously unpublished.

FROG Article

FROG Article

FROG Article

FROG Article

FROG Article

The following article on tiny engines first appeared in Bulletin Issue 286.

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Tiny Engines Article

Information on Upcoming MECA Collectos







If you are interested in becoming a member of this exciting organization, download a Membership Application by clicking on the form below and saving the PDF version to your computer. Print it, fill it out, and return it with your dues to Dan Cencer at the address on the form. You may also use PayPal for this remittance. Use the Back Button on your browser to return to the Home Page after downloading the form.



  1. Post WANT ads, not just For Sale ads

  2. Fifteen (15) day no questions asked return policy on mail deals

  3. Six issues of the Swap Sheet and Bulletin

  4. One free ad per issue

  5. Honest member to member deals guaranteed

  6. Authoritative source of engine history & information

  7. No Ebay and Paypal fees

  8. No government tracking of transactions

  9. Two thirds of our members are not on the web. The access to them is only through MECA membership and they have the Good Stuff!

  10. Assistance to heirs in disposing of MECA members’ collections

  11. Source of missing parts for your engine

  12. Locate repair or restoration services

  13. Full 12 month membership from date of application

MECA Application

MECA Constitution


The Model Engine Collectors Association Constitution, revised May 2007, presents all of the rules and requirements regarding the buying, selling or swapping of model engines, kits, plans or any other material offered in the Swap Sheet or on the web site. Any disputes of a transaction will be resolved according to these requirements.













MECA EXPO XIII Display Winners, Sept. 2012









MECA Photos






Brown B




Fig 1
Jet Speed Ships

Fig 1
D Speed Ships

Fig 1
George Bryant - K&G

Fig 1
Darrel Peugh - Miss Mandy

Fig 1
Tom Pearson - K&G, MMM Indy, & Railton

Fig 1
Jim Crabb - Kuebler-Ellis

Fig 1
Dave Ferguson - ACDC

Fig 1
Bob Oge - RH-10

Fig 1
Bob Oge - Wanda

Fig 1
Bob Oge - Wanda Chassis

Fig 1
J Phil McDonald - Eagle powered M2

Fig 1
J Phil McDonald - Hot Rod

Fox Engines

MECA Member Services List


This is a listing of providers and the services they offer to the membership. I will update this list as new material comes in. Please notify me of any changes, errors, or omissions so that I can keep this list up to date. Send all adds to: Bill Bickel, 3121 W Cavedale Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85083-8637. DO NOT SEND ADS TO ANY OTHER PERSON. DEADLINE is ONE WEEK PRIOR to SWAP SHEET DEADLINE.


REPRODUCTION and ORIGINAL IGNITION ENGINES: Woody Bartelt   3706 N. 33rd St.   Galesburg, MI 49053-9715   E-mail:  Web: 


REPRO ANTIQUE IGNITION MODEL ENGINE PARTS INC. SPARK PLUGS, COILS, BOOKS, GASKETS, DECALS, FUEL TANKS, SCREWS. MANUALS, ETC. Aero Electric   3706 N. 33rd St.   Galesburg, MI 49053-9715.   45 Page Catalog: $20.00.   E-mail:   Web: 


ENGINE COLLECTOR'S JOURNAL INDEX: Printed & bound: Pt. 1 Issues 1-144 $15.00 ppd - Pt. 2 Issues 145-240 $15.00 ppd - Both parts $25.00 ppd. MECA BULLETIN INDEX Issues 1-309 INDEX Printed & bound: $15.00 ppd. Bill Bickel   3121 W. Cavedale Dr.   Phoenix, AZ 85082-8637   Tel: (623) 582-0211   E-mail:


HELICOIL REPAIR of STRIPPED SPARK PLUG HOLES (¼-32 only), REPAIR 0F 4-40 & 6-32 HEAD and BACK COVER HOLES, GENERAL MACHINE WORK: C.F. Lee Mfg. Co.   10112 Woodward Ave.   Sunland, CA 91040   Tel: (818) 526-9074


DIE-CUT GASKETS for ATWOOD, WASP, & WEN-MAC .049'S $5.00 / set ppd. TESTORS-McCOY RH STUNT .19, .29 .35 & .40 $8.00/set ppd, Heli-coil thread repair: 3-48 to 1/4-32 on cases & heads, Reset rod to piston in early Wasp, Atwood, & Wen-Mac w/new bronze collar: Bill Schmidt   4647 Krueger   Bel Aire, KS 67220   Tel: (316) 744-0378


ENGINE RESTORATION, REPAIR and CLEANING SERVICES, NICKEL PLATING, TUMBLE POLISHING: Walter Craig   3664 Smoketown Rd.   Glenville, PA 17329   Tel: (717) 229-2840   E-mail:


MECOA's Model Engine Enthusiast Resource Site:   Randy Linsalato   P.O. Box 98   Sierra Madre, CA 91025   Tel: (800) 359-6972   Website:


MODEL ENGINE REFERENCE MATERIAL: American Model Engine Encyclopedia - Engine Collectors' Journal Tim Dannels   P.O. Box 243, Buena Vista, CA   81211   Website:


DENNYMITES DRONES & MORE: Info on Sky Charger, Dennymite, Walter Righter, Reginald Denny, Dooling Brothers & much more.   Only 3 left!   $60.00 + $6.00 P&H. REFERENCE BOOK of 2.5cc/.15ci   INTERNATIONAL MODEL AIRPLANE ENGINES:  (2nd edition) $60 + $6.00 P&H U.S. Media Mail. $60.00 International. Jim Dunkin   P.O. Box 695,   Grain Valley, MO   64029   E-mail:


ENYA U.S. ENGINES + PARTS: Complete Enya parts inventory. We specialize in C/L, parts. Shipping worldwide. Call or email for your needs.   Bobby Brooks   Tel: (954) 234-0863. Email: or



SAMSociety of Antique Modelers (SAM)

NFFSNational Free Flight Society (NFFS)

AMAAcademy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

Race Car American Miniature Racing Car Association (AMRCA)

Engine Sales

Woody's Model Engines (Woody Bartelt)

Aero Electric (Woody Bartelt)

Doctor Diesel (Eric Clutton)

MECOA (RJL Engines) (Randy Linsalato)

Interesting Sites

Miniature Engineering Museum

Toute sur le Modelisme - French Controline Club

Moyer Made Chevy V8

The Model Museum and Engine Collectors Journal

Model Engine News

Replica Model Engines

Internet Craftsmanship Museum

These links open sites that may be of interest to MECA Members. They cover a wide range of interests and activities.

A Brief History By: Bill Bickel

MECA Historian


Bill Bickel, MECA's Historian, has written a fascinating history of the organization. It features a photo of Bruce Underwood, the driving force behind the founding of MECA, and one of early MECA jewelry. It is a good read and give a feel for what things were like in the early days.



Paul and Paula Knapp

The Miniature Engineering Museum is an intriguing display of miniature and model engines of all types. The article has information about current and projected activities. It also contains links to the Museum and to the Internet Craftsmanship Museum.

MECA Constitution & By-laws


All transactions occurring between MECA members are controlled by the By-laws of the organization. This ensures that any exchange is controlled and members may trust that the item they are purchasing or trading for is exactly as advertised. Buyers have 15 days in which to inspect their purchase. If not satisfied, the item may be returned for a full refund. If you would like more information on MECA and how it is governed, you may read the Constitution & By-laws in their entirety.

As a convenience, Appendix A of the Constitution & By-laws, covering engine condition classifications, is presented below. The use of these classifications helps to ensures honest exchanges.

New In Box (NIB)
Unused and in the original factory carton or box, complete with all accessories.
New (N)
Unused and complete with all parts as originally sold by the factory.
Like New (LN)
Run once or twice, slight marks on lugs, otherwise as new.
Excellent (EXC)
Run several times, slight marks on mounting lugs, slight discoloration of cylinder head or cylinder due to heat. Very slight scratches on engine. Good compression, light wear on bearing surfaces.
Very Good (VG)
As excellent but used for several hours. Still good compression, slightly enlarged mounting lug holes, one or two deep scratches or moderately discolored spots, small chips out of or slightly bent fins, bearing surfaces discernibly worn.
Good (G)
As very good, but compression and bearing surface wear sufficient to warrant this rating. This code considered the minimum condition of interior necessary for a "use type engine."
Fair (F)
Compression sufficient to run engine, but with reduced power output. Bearing surfaces well worn, one or more missing cylinder or head fins, one or more open mounting lugs, heavy scratches or blemishes on exterior, repaired parts, unacceptable as a display engine, but possible capable of a G or VG rating if overhauled and or new parts added.
Poor (P)
Worn out, poor compression, will not run in present condition. Worn, broken, and/or surfaces badly scarred. Not suitable for use or display as is. May be referred to as a "Parts" engine or "Bones" engine.

Swap Sheet Issue 336

Members may access the MECA Swap Sheet and Bulletin through the Members Only Area.

Your Username is just your last name, spelled exactly as on your membership card, including Sr, Jr, or III.  Your membership number, with leading zeros and following letters, but no region, is your Password.  For example, Username = smith jr and Password = 0170L.  The Username is not case sensitive, so it is not necessary to capitalize the name.

MECA Member Login


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